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Slide Stack - Relaxing slide panels puzzle game

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This is a simple puzzle game that kids and adults can enjoy.
Move the colored panels with your fingers and stack it on the same color floors.
There is no time limit and you can play innocently.


You can solve the puzzle by putting color panels corresponding to all colored floors.
Each stages has the minimum number of moves record (Perfect) .
Try to challenge the fewest moves when you get used to play.

【How to Play】

Move the panel up, down, left and right with swipe.
You can move the panels you start moving at once until you release your fingers in one direction.
Moving long distances at the one time is the quickest shortcut of fewest move.

【See Hints】

You can see the hint by tapping the button of the light bulb icon.
The number near the light bulb is the remaining hint count.
When the gift box button highlightend, you can acquire the additional remaining hints by tapping and watch a video ads.

【Special Thanks】

※The materials on the below is used in the game.


The assets on the below is used in the game.

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