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The 2nd standard game series with cats "Cat's Game Series".
"Cat's Tiles" is a free addicting puzzle game, best suitable for brain training.

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  • Single-player game that is cleared when all tiles are erased.
  • There are 3 levels of difficulty: EASY, NORMAL and HARD.
  • The more tiles erases at once, the higher the score.
  • The leader-board that allows you to compete between other players.
  • The tile images are all related to the cats!
  • This is a addictive mini-game you can play in the spare time.
  • Best Suitable for brain training to strengthen your judgement.

【How to Play】

  • You can tap a empty square.
  • You can erase the same tiles of up, down, left and right from a square tapped.
  • If you tap a mistake the score are deducted.
  • If you can erase all the tiles, the game is clear.
  • If there are no erasable tiles, the game is over.

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