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Escape game Cat's treats Detective Collection

- Escape game Cat's treats Detective Collection -

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Popular escape game series 6 renovated version, Escape game of "cat's viewpoint".
Collect items by becoming "a cat", solve puzzles and find a tasty treat hidden by humans.

Includes the following games: 1 new game and 9 older games in the Cat's treats Detective series.

  • Witch HouseNew
  • Amusement Center
  • Tea Room
  • Toy Room
  • Cats Bar
  • Musician Room(iOS first debut
  • Apartment
  • Big-catch Flags
  • Christmas Cat Cafe
  • Popular Tutoring School


  • Hint
    You can receive hints as a clue to solving stalemate puzzles.
    You can see bigger hints on watching video ads.

  • In Game Camera
    You can stock max 7 capture images and confirm its in game.


This game will display advertisements.
AI-generated images are used for some of the materials.

【Special Thanks】

The materials on the below is used in the game.

- BGM -

Sound Scape Library
Make a field Music
hotaru sounds
MA2 Sound
Pocket Sound
Conte De Fees
Music note

- Sound -

Sound Effect Lab
Sound Dictionary
Pocket Sound

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